Why Reaper:
Audio Production Resources

Tutorials, Plugins, Pedagogy, and More

Why Reaper is for anyone who wants to learn about producing music and audio with their computer: and also for anyone who teaches—or is interested in teaching—computer-based music and audio production.

Our website is targeted broadly: we are specifically focused on providing cross-platform, free, and/or inexpensive options for professional audio production.

We provide a curated list of resources (including a large section of professional quality plugins that are free and cross-platform) for students and established musicians. Our goal with providing this is to minimize your guesswork, and as an exploration of options to make Reaper more comparable to substantially more expensive software packages.

There is also a section on pedagogical ideas for teachers, instructors, and professors who want to incorporate music technology in their classrooms and other instructional environments, where we examine possible ways in which music technology can be taught that are equitable, accessible, cross-platform, creative, innovative, professional, entrepreneurial, and critically-engaged.

We also have our concise video and text-based tutorial series, Two-Minute (Or So) Tutorials For Reaper DAW introducing you to ways you may complete specific tasks in Reaper, from editing to mixing and more.

In addition, we explore the question this website is named for, asking why this DAW became our platform of choice to record, mix, master, and teach with. We love Reaper, and think you will, too!

Finally, we have a blog where we will post occasional reviews, opportunities, and projects we are involved in.

Please check back frequently, we will be adding content regularly from tutorials to updated plugin lists.