Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Review

by Jeff Kaiser, 30 July 2020

There are many situations where a person’s recording/microphone needs are minimal, and a limited budget—along with the desire to limit interaction with new technology—have a greater influence on mic purchase than grand ideas of “what is the best sounding mic for_____.” All of us in this business get many requests along the lines of, “What is the best mic to do ____?” and “What interface should I get?” and even, “Should I get a USB mic?” There is no single, simple answer to these questions. Whatever you purchase is always going to be a negotiation between your budget, purpose of recording, equipment features, audio quality, and more. And remember: whatever you get, there will always be an audio engineer nearby that will say, “you should have purchased this one!” and another engineer over their shoulder to give totally different advice. (Usually such advice involves a rare $6,000 vintage microphone, $2,000 interface, and $3,500 preamp.)

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