Fun with Reaper: At the 33rd UCM Summer Piano Institute!

For our Tuesday, June 23 session at The 33rd UCM Summer Piano Institute you will need to have downloaded and installed the following THREE things on your computer. Please do this as soon as possible *before* the Zoom session, as it might take some time to download and install.

  1. Download and Install Reaper (Free to evaluate! Fully functions in evaluation mode):
    • Pick the correct one for your operating system (Mac, Windows, or Linux only) I recommend the 64-bit version!
    • Be sure to install it in a place that you will remember, most likely “Applications”
  2. Download the Native Instruments Komplete Start Bundle (FREE Production suite):
    • Follow the instructions closely!
  3. Download the Piano Excerpts linked HERE (FREE, thank you Dr. Kim!)
    • You will need to unzip the folder, if your operating system does not do that automatically.
    • It will give you a folder named, “Piano Excerpts for 2020 UCM Summer Piano Institute”
    • Be sure to save the folder in a place that you will remember, preferably your desktop. You will need easy access to them during our Zoom session.

For more study:

An introduction to microphone techniques. (Be sure to use headphones or good speakers for playback.)

  1. Overview from Sweetwater on different microphone techniques for recording piano:
  2. University of Central Missouri’s Dr. Eric Honour explores different techniques at UCM’s Music Technology Studio A.
  1. Recording AUDIO in Reaper:
  2. Editing Audio in Reaper:
  3. MIDI in Reaper:

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