1: Basic Audio Editing – Two-Minute (or so) Tutorials for Reaper DAW

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This is meant to be a quick introduction to editing audio in Reaper, I do recommend you explore options, but this will get you started.

Please note, the following are with default settings, behaviors in Reaper can be modified in so many ways.

All of these edits are non-destructive, meaning they make no actual changes to the original audio file.

Dragging Media Items

Click the media item, hold the click down, and drag to move it around.
You can even drag it to create a new track.
You will notice that the default behavior has the item snap to the grid.
You can temporarily disable snapping by pressing and holding the shift key while you are dragging.
Or, you can disable snapping all the time by deselecting the “magnet” in the toolbar

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